What Is The Difference between CISA and CISSP?

CISA has Chinese / English test, CISSP is also Chinese / English test. Relatively speaking, CISSP is more difficult. CISA is partial to audit. CISSP is information security, but they are all necessary International Certificates for IT personnel.

Many people choose training institutions based on the pass rate. However, due to various institutions have done packaging on the pass rate, it is difficult to tell whether it is true or false. It is suggested that you do not pay attention to this. If you do not study hard at a higher pass rate, it is still very difficult to pass.


Let me give you a brief answer:

1. CISA:

CISA (Certified Information System Auditor) has been registered by ISACA( this one) since 1978. CISA certification has become a symbol of the achievements of the holder in the professional fields of information system audit, control, and security, and gradually developed into a globally recognized standard. China’s CISA certified auditors play an important role in the field of information security and control. An information system audit is also increasingly recognized by domestic enterprises. As of April 2008, 47,145 people were certified worldwide, and only 666 people were certified in the Chinese mainland. In addition, it will bring a considerable number of professional and personal benefits.

The learning objects are:

1. Information system audit consultant
2. Traditional audit professionals
3. Employees in charge of information system audit in Enterprises
4. Employees in charge of information system security management and planning
5. IT manager, information security manager
6. CISA candidates


CISSP is the abbreviation of (Certification for Information System Security Pro Professional). It is a kind of certificate reflecting the level of information system security practitioners. CISSP can prove that the certificate holder has the information security knowledge and experience that meet the requirements of international standards, and has been widely recognized all over the world, CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) is a kind of certificate reflecting the qualification level of information system security practitioners. It can provide new opportunities and greater convenience for those engaged in the field of information security to improve their professional qualifications. The CISSP certification examination is organized and managed by (ISC). The personnel participating in CISSP certification should abide by the CISSP code of ethics, and have at least five years of direct working experience in at least two of the ten fields of information system security common knowledge framework (CBK).

Both of them are international certification, English certificates.
CISA has Chinese and English tests, CISSP only has an English test
Generally speaking, CISSP is more difficult. You have to say which is the most advanced. CISSP is more advanced
CISSP is the most authoritative and recognized information security certification in the world. It is the first one to pass the ISO 17024:2003 standard certification. Its certification objects are mainly information security experts of middle and high-level or senior security engineers in enterprises.

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