Indiana Tech Warrior Esports

Indiana Tech eSports first begun in university as a club during the 2015-2016 academic year. The commitment of students led to the creation of an organization that has now become the club program and is going to be the varsity esports.

How Indiana Tech warrior became the face of esports

In the beginning

During the first year, the only game that was played was the League of Legends. It comprised of seventeen members in the university. In competition, the League of Legends team played in the Collegiate Star League. It also played against other institutions around the US.

The team managed to do well both in division two and division three conferences. Division 2 Team had a last record of 10-4 when proceeding to the 2nd round of tournament play before they lost.Using a Cell Phone

Division 3 Team also did well finishing 5-4 and they also proceeded to the 2nd tournament round in which they lost.


The 2016-2017 Team has nineteen members who play both Hearthstone and the League of Legends.  The League of Legends team will also participate in the CSL’s division 2 and 3. Hearthstone members will participate in TESPA’s Colligate Hearthstone Championships that will also play against other institutions within the United States.

More progress

Arthur Snyder (Indiana Tech president) saw esports as an opportunity to train, maintain and also attract new students. He opted to make enhancements through providing esports scholarships to new students. The whole plan would begin with Hearthstone and the League of Legends and later include other games that fit the program’s requirements. 12 to 13 scholarships would be available to the first newcomers and there is a possibility of adding more online games in future. He also saw a need to explore console esports in future.

Besides the scholarships, Indiana Tech also invested in buildings that will accommodate the esports program. An empty office space was changed to a twenty players gaming arena. The arena has DX Racer game chairs and gaming tables that are custom built. The arena will, in the end, have 20 computers to make it complete.

Until now, the students are getting scholarships and the school is likely to offer full rides as the program grows.


The Indiana Tech has solidified itself by NAC esports. This collegiate association currently has 20 institutions that will play against each other. Indiana Tech is also hoping to include many institutions while continuously enhancing the NAC esports experience in terms of rules and regulations, tournaments that reward students, scholarships and conference structure.

Indiana Tech has been leading in esports and it was the first university to offer game scholarships. The first collegiate summit was in July 2016 and Indian Tech got together with other five institutions to create NACE. NACE currently has thirty members and it accounts for 90% of all varsity esports programs in the country. It offers tournaments, schedules, structure and standings.


In ramping up to the program, Indiana Tech hopes to be the best. The university will have a chance to compete with other university programs from Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, Roberst Morris, Ohio State, Pikeville and Pikebille.

And as the scene of esports grows, Indiana Tech believes that the program will advance and remain to be at the top of all esports.

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