How to Secure Your PC from Online Identity Theft

Hackers are ingenious and resourceful. They will always find new ways to get information from your personal devices. This information helps them steal money and personal information which could be vital.

Nowadays we store most of our details which include financial and personal id password for logins on computers, tablets, and mobile phones. One should get hands on this information as it could bring collateral damage.

Identity Theft

So the question is how can one avoid this from happening?

The answer is antivirus which is prerequisite and is mandatory for keeping your PC safe from virus. When we access unsecured websites it leaves a gateway open for devious people to infect the device. The virus can be planted in various format, it could be in the form of an email attachment, as an attachment in a zip file and many more. The best way to avoid it is to buy an antivirus online, get the discount using Bitdefender discount coupon on the same, which will protect your pc from all online threats.

Types of malware and tips to avoid them:

You should use spyware blocking software. The spyware gathers information about a someone without their knowledge. And then such information is shared with others without consumers consent. Spyware consists of mainly Trojans, adware, system monitors and tracking cookies. to avoid these you must use spyware blocking software.

Windows operating system must be updated.  such OS updates provide security updates and critical bad patch fixes. One must increase browser security settings as well this will keep unsecured websites to be opened in a browser.

Then there are keyloggers, they record detail that you type on your pc like passwords, logins, and other vital information and send it to keylogging program.

A rootkit is something that is hidden inside to gain access to your computer which is masked with other software’s. Once you are under attack from Rootkit you will have to wipe the whole hard disk and reinstall everything. To avoid such attacks you should always have prevention measures like antivirus.

The worm is malware which creates duplicates of itself and eventually makes the computer slow and occupies the available hard disk.

Emails are a well-known way of scattering virus onto the computer. Antivirus automatically scans emails in your POP3 account and webmail accounts.

A computer uses scripts like VBS and Java to run certain programs and access websites. an antivirus helps you block scripts temporarily whenever there is unwanted activity.

There is also an Auto Clean feature available which detects malicious activity/ software/file on the system and deletes it although some programmes require a user to log in and delete them manually.

There are various another antivirus available in markets like AVG, McAfee, Norton and many more. Use the one suits you the best by checking what features are available in them.  Antivirus helps recognize the computer if it is trying to change or modify a critical system file. it defends your computer against any suspicious activity. Antivirus gives instant notification when it finds a virus in its scan and gives a report to identify the issues occurred on a computer.

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