Easiest way to find best Smartphone suitable for you

Now a days people are finding it difficult to find the best suitable for them in the market. But too many products will have too much information which will create confusion of choosing the right product. Apart from finding good mobile we have to compare the best price to buy that mobile. To help us to find the right mobile PriceRaja’s has designed a Phone Finder to help us find the right mobile phone available in India. This is required because every price segment has tons of available smartphone options. All is required from you is to answer a couple of simple questions, and shouldn’t take more than 20 seconds. Not only do they find the right mobile phone , they also give you detailed specifications, reviews and price comparison for them.


How to find the right mobile using PriceRaja’s phone finder?


  • If you have any fixed budget then choose your budget else check on price doesn’t matter and move to next step2
  • Choose the features which you want in your phone and move to next. Here you can choose multiple features.3
  • In next step choose which is important to you battery life or performance & quality. Select the preferred mobile size & brand and click show button, it will  show the results just suitable for you.


  • Just shortlist some of the products and you can even compare among them to choose the best from your shortlisted products.
  • It will also provide many statistics about particular mobile like Unique Facts, Price History and Specification Analysis to make a right choice.


I have tested this phone finder multiple times with different scenarios. It works as a charm, you can find the great list of products and compare the prices among most of the online stores. I have even used other phone finders, when compared with them here it will focus mainly on things which are important to you. The only drawback I found in this phone finder is they are allowing us to choose between battery life or performance. What if I want both battery life and performance?? I hope PriceRaja will change that in future to show even more best results to viewers. Have a look on it once guys before purchasing mobile, it helps you a lot.

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