5 Tips To Creating A Photobook with Your Smartphone Pictures

There is no beautiful way to keep and share your special and memorable moments than through a photobook. When it comes to having a special album for yourself or a gift to a special person in your life, you can never go wrong with a nicely designed photobook. The impeccable thing about creating one is that it’s less costly and effortless considering the numerous photos we tend to have on our smartphones. All you need is a book, photos, and your creative mind. Below are tips to guide you in creating your perfect photo book.


  1. Choose the Perfect Layout

Settle on the perfect layout to avoid your photobook having photos being placed haphazardly. You can decide to use one photo on each page or two photos on each page or whichever way you deem fit. The important thing is to be consistent and creative. Also, avoid clamping photos so close to each other. Be mindful of the spaces.

  1. Pick the Very Best and Mind the Number

You want to make your photo book look appealing and not dainty. There is the temptation of using all your photos but this can backfire. First, pick the very best photos. If you are unsure, have someone to help you choose the best. Avoid using pictures that are blurred or appear distorted as it will make your photobook very unattractive. Secondly, just use the right number of pictures. Using too much or fewer pictures can take away the fun of checking out the photobook. Settle on just the right number. The important thing is to create a powerful intimate feeling each time the photobook is viewed.

  1. Choose a Perfect Photo Story Theme

Pictures help to convey some form of message. To achieve this, then you need to choose a story theme that will go hand in hand with your selected pictures. For instance, you can decide to create a photobook that will showcase your campus moments and you can name it “Campus PhotoBook”. Another possible story theme to create can be a photobook that captures your pregnancy moments. Be creative on this. The story theme can be specific or just general. Go with what works for you.

  1. Choose the Perfect Size and Color

The first thing that stands out when we look at something is its presentation, how estimable it is in our eyes is determined by how it is displayed. MILK Books normally offer a wide variety of alternatives from horizontal, square and vertical designs. It depends on the pictures and the theme of your choice. However, it is recommended that you go for a vertical or the square-shaped photo books which are more suitable for personified photos. Additionally, you can decide if the cover will be softcover, leather or hardcover. Settle on the one that suits you perfectly.

  1. Embrace the Power of Words

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures. It sounds boring, right? Well, how do you add that extra spice to your photobook? Play around with words. Try to accompany each photo with at least a small and brief description. Words work wonders. For instance, you can use a photo where you are in a forest. A perfect description for that can be, “A Nature Trail at Hell’s Gate Forest”. This will help give the viewer an idea of what is happening in the photo. The essential thing is to avoid using too many words.

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