5 Tips to Buying a Printer on a Budget

Today’s post-modern world has significantly impacted the way we plan our calendars and schedules. It seems like we are always so hectic, always on-the-go, it’s like 24 hours isn’t even enough for one day. We even tend to extend our work to our homes, vacations, and long travels.

Because of this, the idea of portability is not so bad at all. People love the idea of bringing with them fully functional devices and equipment wherever they go. For example, you want to bring your computer with you all the time? Get a laptop. Do you want to bring your music collection anywhere? Get an mp3 player. Don’t want to carry a bulky DSLR camera but still want to be able to take professional pictures? Any modern smartphone does the trick.

Another thing that is being made portable and comfortable to carry is our printers. Yes, nothing beats a hard copy of our documents and photos. Although we are going modernly digital nowadays, pdf’s still failed to replace documents on paper, and digital images won’t be replacing our picture frames and photo albums anytime soon.  

Portable printer reviews are continually proving their relevance in the mobile office setting. Having a portable printer will allow you to procure documents and photos instantly, a must for the ultimate mobile office.


Here is a rundown of 5 tips to buying a printer on a budget:

  1. Decide on what you really need the printer for

Portable printers come in different sizes and functionalities. Always go back to the question of what you really need it for. Say, you are just a photography hobbyist who wants a simple print-out of your shots, then any colored portable printer that uses 4R size will do. If you are more into professional photography, then you may need a higher quality color printer that can spit out beautiful photographs in A4 format. If you are instead looking for an extension of your office, then there exist portable printers that can print out documents in black and white, but colored ones are available too if your job involves printing visuals and charts. There are also labels and receipt printers which sole function is just for that job alone.

  1. Make sure it is compatible with your computer system

Although most modern printers are cross-compatible with different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, it is still advised to check and verify. Failure to do this might cause the installation of incorrect drivers which is likely to bring you a lot of headaches and trouble to diagnose and correct.

  1. Don’t go over budget for features you don’t need

Some portable printers can print via wi-fi direct, Bluetooth, or PictBridge using a USB cable. Although these features are innovative, they significantly increase the price. It’s not worth it if you don’t really need to utilize these features a lot. If you do printing from a laptop, a simple USB cable will do. Consider only these wireless bells and whistles when you want to print a lot of files and photos from your smartphone.

  1. In the same way, don’t be too stingy

Buying the cheapest possible printer and only to find out that it underperforms or slows down productivity will end up being costlier in the long-term, as you will need to replace it soon. Invest in a pricier printer that you could still use in the future.

  1.  Look for a reasonable warranty

Let’s face it- printers are still mostly mechanical parts working together to deliver their output. Because of this, printers tend to wear out much faster than our electronics. Get a printer with a reasonable warranty of not less than one year so you could have it serviced just in case it prematurely gives up on your tasks.

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