5 Tips to saving money on transportation this holiday season

The holiday season is usually accompanied by the excitement to travel and spend time with close friends and family sharing and creating memorable moments. With the holiday season around the corner, many stores increase their sales and promotions in an attempt to attract buyers. Airlines and ship are among the business in the market that raises their ticketing cost taking advantage of the season.

For those looking into spending this season on vacation trips, they need to seek ways to save money on transportation costs and save themselves from breaking their banks once the season comes to an end. While there are numerous ways that you are likely to spend money like lodging, here are tips on how you can save money on transportation this holidays season.

1. Make a plan and budget

Knowing the places that you are likely to visit will help you in finding out the transportation costs to be incurred. Make a plan listing the places that you would like to visit. Make an estimate of how much you will need to spend moving around your holiday destination area. Remember that you will spend more if you are traveling with your family as compared to traveling alone. Learn to stick to the plan to avoid extra unplanned travel expenses that will leave you with less money.

2. Ship your stuff

Getting your stuff to your travel destination prior to making the trip is a great and smart way to lower your shipping costs. Most airlines charge baggage more during the holidays and shipping them earlier will save you some money especially if you are traveling with other family members. Although it is tiresome, you can ship your items using a courier service and later on just travel with a small bag or backpack on your flight.

3. Use alternate transportation services

Once you have arrived at your travel destination, find alternative transportation options. Using taxi services during the holiday season is expensive but there are other various options that you can travel around which include:

Uber services – Although their transportation costs differ from town to town, they provide a great way to save money.  The services offer discount costs giving codes that allow you free credit for transportation. Get the best free uber codes out there at Ridester for the latest Uber promo codes for existing users will save you the most money on your next ride.

Public transportation –  Using public transportation is a popular and effective way to save money. Although it is difficult due to large crowds, you can arrive earlier and avoid the numerous passengers in the terminals during rush hour.

4. Avoid buying at the airport

The prices of most items that are sold at the airport are higher. Buy any necessary items like batteries and travel pillows at the store prior to arriving at the airport.

5. Carry your food

Many airlines don’t provide food for short distance flights and those that do so charge highly for the food and drinks. You can bring your own food like nutrition bars, fruits, and snacks on board which will end up saving you money.

Although you can easily spend more than you anticipated when traveling during the holidays, you can also plan on how to effectively spend your savings.