5 Things You Should Know About Rideshares

You’ve probably heard about Uber, Lyft, Careem, Grab or Easy Taxi depending on where you are in the world. In today’s mobile world, the ability to go from one place to another in an easy and comfortable fashion is so important. For a very long time, regular cabs have, in a way, monopolized the private way of commuting. We all know about the negative implications of dealing with a monopolized service including, high cost, terrible drivers and on some occasions, unsafe rides. Ride-hailing apps really disrupted the entire industry so fast and the demand just keeps on increasing. One of the services offered by these companies is ride-sharing. Here are five things you should know about rideshares.


  1.   How it Works

Ridesharing is the affordable way to book a ride where you share with one or two other riders. The mechanics of each app might be slightly different but how it works is you get matched with a driver nearby who will go to your location and pick you up but this time, you could be sharing the ride with one or two other people. It depends on the distance but you can be the first to be picked up or the last. The app will show the route and will determine which one of you and the other rider will be dropped first.

  1.   How much it Costs

The cost of ride-sharing is significantly lower compared to riding alone and that is because you are splitting the amount with the other rider. You will still be asked to pay the split or rideshare amount regardless if the driver found another person to pick up or not. Sometimes, other riders would cancel and you are essentially riding alone but paying less. However, the amount is still subject to any surge price depending on the individual company’s policy.

  1.   Promos and Discount Codes

Yes, just because ride-share is already affordable doesn’t mean that you are not entitled to promos and discounts. Most ride-hailing apps offer promos on anniversaries or important holidays. For instance, Grab offers points for every amount you consume and these points can be used to redeem discounts. Lyft offers discounts constantly so be sure to check out the Ridester site for the latest promo codes next time you get a ride.

  1.   Travel Time

The travel time will vary depending on different factors such as distance, rush hour traffic and the destination of your co-rider. If you are the last one to be picked up but the first one to be dropped off, then there is not much difference between sharing a ride and riding alone. However, sometimes the location of your co-rider is a lot further or is much harder to find, then your total travel time can be longer. So, make sure that you adjust and add an extra 15-30 minutes of travel time.

  1.   Rating or Feedback System

The rating or feedback system from the rider’s point of view is not different from riding alone. But the driver will receive feedback from you and your co-rider. It might not be implicit but since you are sharing the car, you are expected to observe proper decorum. What that means is you should probably keep your heavy bags off the seat, keep your voice to a minimum and don’t do anything that will be of a disturbance to others.

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