5 Things to look for when hiring IT services

Hiring Managed IT Services is one of the newest and fast-growing trends in the business world today. It basically involves the delegation of duties and responsibilities over the monitoring, management, security, and resolving of IT-related issues from a client company to a Managed Services Provider or MSP.  IT services are specifically more useful to small businesses which have limited manpower and financial resources to host and maintain an IT system of their own.

While hiring Managed IT Services can help you focus on things that matter more for the growth of your business, it is not an easy task to find the right one. It is still important to consider that the Managed IT Services that you get suits the needs of your business, your budget, and your personal preferences. Read more about the five things that you should look for when hiring IT services and start taking your business to the next level.

IT services
1. Find the right MSP that has an extensive experience on the type and size of business that you have.

Several Managed Services Providers may offer you the same set of services while describing these in their own enticing ways. But you must always do your research to look for the best MSP that specializes on the exact nature of your business. You can’t just hire an MSP with law firm experience and expect them to deliver the same success for your fashion business. Better yet, find a reputable MSP like CCC IT which takes pride in its great pool of expertise for various business fields.

2. Always ask if you can check their portfolio and if they can give you contact details of client references.

Don’t rely completely on a single review that you can find on the internet about your candidate MSP. Always consider looking at the track record and to ask for at least three client references from the MSP so that you have a better idea of what things should you expect from them.

3. Know how the MSP will deal with the security of your data and reliability of the IT system.

While every IT system is vulnerable to downtimes and cyber-attacks, it is still important that you check which technologies the MSPs are using to secure your data from these threats. Implementation of firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware tools, spam filters, and performing regular audits can help reduce your data security’s chances of getting compromised.

4. A reputable MSP should be able to provide comprehensive monthly reports and billing.

To help you get an idea if your MSP is indeed helping you reach your goal effectively, you should request a report from them at least once a month. A professional and transparent MSP should be able to provide you reports with consistency and submit to you an accurate billing of all the services that they have provided for the duration of the month.

5. A reliable MSP should be able to address scalability and technical issues effectively.

Aside from being proactive and flexible depending on the needs of your business, good IT service providers should also be responsive at all times. A team should be able to monitor your IT system day and night, and a proper dispatching plan should be in place. If your business calls for an upgrade in the future, the MSP should be able to adjust without problems too.

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