5 Platforms for Website and Blog Development

Designing a website of your own takes time. You can use many tools and set them as platforms for your website and blog development to reduce your strain in coding. Websites can be easily build in accordance with your preferences by the usage many exiting templates available in there. With this, you can develop a Educational websites,  Business website and E-commerce websites.Here are the topmost used platforms in developing a website or blog in unique manner. Lets study and see the difference among them!!

1. Squarespace:


Squarespace is the best platform to build a website with fairly designed default templates that gives outstanding look. It is the best in terms of ease of use. The present version that is version 6 has developed to overcome the limitations of previous versions to build a Blog or Website in effective manner. Good coders can lead here in editing to add beauty to the site. But make a note that it is a platform that costs a lot. Although it is having a great platform but for the creation of small blogs it is not suggestible.

2. WordPress:


WordPress is the powerful and versatile platform to build a website. It is the open source and stands as great choice for all the bloggers and website creators. No doubt you can work on WordPress without coding knowledge. If you really have, then you do wonders in designing the website. Here also you find a huge collection of default templates and many plug-in’s to solve the problems. But make a note that, with its popularity it has become a target for spammers and hackers. The only solution is keep installing the updates.

3. Blogger:


Blogger is the best platform from Google that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. Here in this Blogger, you can create a beautiful blog that fits your style. Take a template with flexible layout and edit CSS and HTML to stay unique. Blogger connects directly with Google+ that helps in promoting your posts. You can also use Blogger iOS and Android apps to post it from your phone or tablet then and there.

4. Tumblr:


Tumblr is the one of the best microblogging platform to build a website. It has become the great choice to create blogs or websites which contain lots of posts with less content. The usage of platform is simple to drag your online easily. You need not pay for it. But make a note that, the services are limited, it is not allowed to cope up with complex webpages. In Tumblr, you may require the basic knowledge of CSS and HTML to design a theme.

5. WebNode:


WebNode is the best platform to build a blog or website. It will be quick, easy and fun. You don’t require any technical skills. It is free platform where you can work on freely for any number of  days. It allows you to create Personal websites, business website and e-commerce websites. Here also you find lot many templates, you choose any one whatever you feel that suits your liking to present your website or blog.

Note: The above mentioned are Top 5 platforms for building websites and blogs. If there are any comments please mention.Your suggestions are valuable to us. For latest updates like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Thank you!!!


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