4 Ways that Python can enhance your Professional Portfolio

Python is one of the many programming languages available. If you are pursuing a profession that involves programming, this is one of the languages that can enhance your professional portfolio. While it is important to learn other languages as well, python should be the foundation you build upon considering its utility use.  To make things clearer for you, here are 4 ways that Python can enhance your professional portfolio.


  1.    Python is Easy to Learn

As a first-time programmer, you may want to start your programming career path with a Basic language then progress to the other complex languages. You’d be surprised to know that python is a basic language just like the Basic programming language itself but gives you an edge since it allows you more freedom and opportunity to explore more. You will save more time when you go directly to python, skipping the basic languages, and still learn the required basics and more. If you are now stuck, not knowing which language to begin with, you can with all certainty try out python.  

  1.    It is Very Flexible

Apart from being an easy language to learn, python is also a very flexible language. There are no complicated and detailed rules and restrictions to create features. Lack of restrictions gives you as a programmer more freedom to create solutions for different problems, using different approaches. In fact, this language encourages you to use the most obvious approach when creating a product. Furthermore, it is more lenient on errors as compared to other languages. It will allow you to proceed with your project without any hitches until you get to the error and correct it. With such a language in your portfolio, you have an edge over others in your field since you have the tools and skills to approach challenges in multiple ways.

  1.    Iterative and Agile Design

Most programming languages are to some extent fixed and limiting, preventing you from creating workable solutions. Success in any company requires a lot of trial and error to come up with a viable product that the client will accept. This process requires that the involved stakeholders to find out what the client wants, create a product in line with such requirements, present it to the client and correct any errors until you get the best possible product. Python enables you to work on novel projects and build your way up identifying strengths and errors to come up with the best product. Python, being simple and less complicated allows you to program with ease, hence allowing you to try as many ways as possible in the process.

  1.    Python and Security

Since it is a scripting language, python gives your code added to security. So what can you do with Python in data security? Well, firms care a lot about the security of their data. That means, if you learn python, and are able to use the same to secure companies sensitive data, you will be a darling to many would be employers. So, in addition to being a really easy language to learn, it is also important in sensitive matters.

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