4 Tips to saving money on transportation this holiday season

Jingle bells are ringing, the lanterns are up and the lights are dancing. The holiday season is definitely right around the corner. Stores have started putting up their sales and promotions to attract buyers and the streets have started to get busy with crowds, and all sorts of Christmas decorations. This holiday season will surely get everyone merry and happy, like always. And like always, it is during this season that transportation costs balloon up. We all have experienced cabs refusing us unless we pay extra or end up with a really heavy and long traffic. Airline and ship tickets also skyrocket during the holiday seasons as many people take advantage of the long vacation to spend time with their families in their hometowns or go on a vacation trip.

If you are looking to save money on your transportation costs this holiday season and enjoy the Christmas without having to worry about overspending, then you have just hit jackpot with this article. Below are 4 tips that will surely be able to help you save a lot of money on your transportation costs.

  1. Carpool or Carsharing

One of the most popular activities that people go to during the holidays is of course, Christmas parties. And going on separate cars with your friends is definitely a big blunder. Not only are you contributing to the heavy traffic which will most likely delay your arrival to the destination or worse make you miss the event itself, you are also overspending money on fuel expenses. The better and more enjoyable way to go to a Christmas party is by going with your friends by sharing in one car. Not only do you save money in fuel expenses as everybody can just chip in for the whole costs, the whole trip will be more enjoyable as you get to spend happy times with your friends even in traffic. Who knows? You can even start a party of your own in the car should you really get stuck in traffic.

  1. Public Transportation

Hassle as it may seem, but using the public transportation such as buses and trains are still one of the most popular and effective methods in saving money on transportation costs. If you want to avoid crowds and the sudden influx of passengers in terminals then going at an earlier time will save you from them. Trust me, the savings you will earn will be more than worth it.

  1. Ship your stuff separately for Christmas vacations

If you are going on a trip for the holidays, then shipping your stuff separately will save you a lot of money. Airports charge more for your baggage, especially during the holidays. Thus, while it may be a hassle, shipping them to your destination via a courier service will earn you savings that you can instead spend on your vacation.

  1. Uber codes and other similar promos

We are all familiar with Uber and other transportation-hiring smartphone applications. And during the holiday seasons, these companies and applications release lots of Uber codes that give their users free credit for their transportation. If you can take advantage of this and get yourself a lot of codes, then you might just be able to spend your whole holidays without spending a cent on your transportation. So what are you waiting for, get your UBER promo codes today.

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