4 Tips and Tricks to Unlocking Your iPhone 7

Forgetting the passcode of your phone or the details of your iCloud are some of the most common ways of ending up with a locked iPhone. You could also be a victim of network lock or receive a locked iPhone 7 if you have invested in a second hand one from random online retailers.

What Should You Do To Unlock Your iPhone 7?

Fret not, there are several ways of unlocking your iPhone 7 which can be used to get out of your misery.

  1. Recovery Mode

In case your device is not synced with iTunes, you can use the recovery mode to unlock your iPhone. Connect your device to the computer and force restart it to initiate the recovery mode. After the force restart has been done, you will get two options that are to either update your phone or restore it.

Choose the restore option which will install the latest iTunes on your device. If the download gets completed before the recovery mode ends, you will have an unlocked phone. However, do note that this will erase all your data so you really need to be sure you want to use this option.

  1. Find my iPhone

You can use find my iPhone and iCloud to unlock your phone. Open iCloud and log into it with your details. After that, go to find my iPhone and click on your devices. Here you will see the list of devices that are linked to your Apple ID. Choose the device that you want to unlock and click on erase the device. After the process is done, your iPhone would be unlocked.

  1. iTunes

All you have to do is connect your iPhone to the computer you have synced it with and open iTunes. If it asks for a passcode, try another computer you have synced your device with. After that, allow iTunes to backup your device and then restore it by clicking on Restore.

You will get a setup screen during the process where you will have to select a backup. Choose the latest one, a post which you will have an unlocked device.

  1. iPhone Data Eraser

If all the other methods have failed, you can download a software to erase all the data on your iPhone to unlock it. Remember to use this option only when the other 3 have failed, as this can possibly delete all the data on your iPhone. However, many software allows you to selectively erase the data so that you can restore your data but unlock your phone at the same time. Sometimes though, all you may want to do is to unlock your iPhone so that it can work with different carriers.

Want to do more?

By unlocking your iPhone, you can explore the different features and get your iPhone 7 unlocked. It is easy and could help you do a whole lot more – including playing your favorite games or just working on your apps, without having to worry about being restricted to a specific network provider.  

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