4 Reasons Why Bloggers Have Switched to WordPress

Are you a newbie on the blogging scene? If so, you might be familiar with the Blogger platform or maybe it’s the one you’re using right now. For starters, Blogger is a perfect venue for blogging and building your website because it is free and straightforward. But if you are looking for a more serious set-up, you might want to consider shifting to WordPress. Most sites we encounter these days are built on WordPress. If you are looking for a good WordPress host for your business or your blog, Hosting Foundry will be helping you find the best web host for your needs. Choosing WordPress as your blog platform is already an advantage, written below are more reasons why you may want to switch from Bloggers to WordPress.


  1.  Ownership

Google runs the service for Blogger. Thus it has the right to shut it down or shut down your access to it along with your data and information you share with your audience. Even if it is quite

reliable as it is service provided by Google, but you have no control as to how long you can use it to publish your blog, whereas, with WordPress, you get to decide how long you want to run it. You also own your data, and you are free to determine which information you can share with your audience or customers.

  1.  SEO Friendly

Blogger uses one long page of HTML which makes it less SEO friendly and makes the loading time for your site really slow. WordPress, on the other hand, has a better set-up and can easily be found through search engines thus attracting huge traffic and a wider range of audience reached.

  1.  More blog design options

What is excellent about WordPress is that you can be more expressive and showcase your or your business’ personality through the many WordPress themes that you can choose from. Blogger lags regarding flexibility to design your website because of its limited designs. In addition to being very limited, Bloggers templates are usually of very low quality. Designers rave about the many themes of WordPress such as Cooking, Travel, Crafts and whatever interests that come to mind that you can blog about. A WordPress blog looks more professional because of the many ways it can be modified according to your personal preference.

  1.  Faster loading time

If you have set-up a WordPress blog for your business, of course, you may want a bigger and broader reach, so time is of the essence. Setting up a WordPress blog assures a faster loading time as compared to Blogger. As mentioned before, one long page of HTML is used for doing everything that is why the loading time suffers.

If you are serious about the blogging sphere, WordPress would be the best platform to consider. Attracting a bigger audience would be given hands down to WordPress because it is no wonder that most of the blog sites we know are built using this platform due to its numerous advantages over free blog sites as Blogger. Hopefully, the reasons above may help you make the right decision to choose which platform gives the most benefit for your blog site.

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