3 Ways that improving your website layout can help your business

If you have already created your website you know that this is quite a task and one that needs consistent attention and periodic updates. Your branding of your website needs to match all of your marketing materials and anytime you update your website it is best to make sure that all of your other materials follow suit. Having a streamlined marketing plan that encompasses your website is best practice. Let’s say you have done all of this but you still are not getting the traffic that you want to your website and people are not staying around on your site very long. This may be due to your design layout. This article will discuss how improving your website layout can help your business.

  1. Many do not realize that a website layout can be the main reason why visitors are not perusing the site or engaging in the material that is be presented to them. A website layout needs to be clean, organized, and easy to read. It should highlight important information in an organized fashion which allows user to easily find what they are looking for. Check the layouts for some examples of websites that are successful and contribute much of their positive outcomes to their web design.
  2. The simpler the structure of the website, the easier it will be for users to enjoy your space online. Think of your website as your brick and mortar storefront. You would not want your store to be disorganized and hard for potential customers to find what they are looking for. Your website should be treated the same way. It is important to think of your website and all of its moving parts as if you were a new customer. What would you want to see? How would you prefer to navigate the website?
  3. Focus on readability, color, font, and the background. If these aspects of your web design do not complement one another, chances are that you are in need of a revision. While these details may not seem like a big deal to you, it does matter to other people. This is an example of how your website should be clean and organized. If you have a bright blue background and a light green font, it will cause the user to strain their eyes to read your materials. This is just not smart business. Another reason that color makes a difference is that there is proven psychology to what colors entice potential clients to make a purchase. For example, companies such as Target use the color red because it has been known to influence people to make a purchase. Do some research on web design color schemes and find out what influences consumers the most in your industry.

These tips are detail oriented and can be time consuming. If you do not have the patience or expertise to update your website layout, it is a wise investment to hire a professional to do the work for you. In the meantime you can focus on engaging with potential clients in real time.