3 Tricks to using Google

Many people use Google each day to search for anything and everything. You might think that there is not much to do other than just type whatever you are looking for and get many results returned from the search. But, there is so much to discover and learn when it comes to finding information on Google search engine. Whether you are using it for school purposes, entertainment, or researching a business, there are tricks you can use to help you find information fast and accurately.

These are three tricks you can use to help you learn how to search more effectively.

  1. I’m Feeling Curious Trick

Sometimes you might need a break from working too much or you just want to relieve boredom. You may have access to the internet, but you might not know what to look for. Try the I’m feeling curious trick. It is such an interesting and fun way to learn new things and facts.

All you have to do is type I’m Feeling Curious and let Google do the rest. Google has a lot of random facts that no human being can know. This trick is a good way to boost your knowledge which you can use on quiz or trivia challenge night. It is also a fun way to learn new things. Once you are done with one question, you can press “ask another question” as many times as possible. Because you can ask as many questions as you like, you can find yourself wasting a lot of time on the internet with this trick.

  1. Advanced Search

Another important feature that people don’t use often is the advanced search which is found under the Settings tab on the top of the toolbar. You can specify your search using different criteria such as region or language. This will return results which are relevant to your search. Google normally returns results based on the country you are residing in. The advanced search will enable you to see content from other parts of the world. Once you decide on which parameters to use to search, you will get results which are more specific and relevant to your query.

  1. Search within a Site

This is one of the best tricks to use when you are looking for information. If you want to get information from a certain website, all you have to do is type “site:.URL” On the URL part, you put the web address of the site you are looking for. Google will search on that specific website.

Google will look for information on that specific website and return relevant information back to you. Websites normally have a search bar embedded on them. However, if you use this trick on the Google search engine, you will find better results.

It is also possible to do a high-level domain search. When you are looking for government information, you can try “site:.gov”. It will bring more credible information than the one you would get from another blog which has been written by a random person. If you want information on universities, type “site:.edu”.

These tricks will change the way you look for information on the internet. Spend some time discovering and exploring Google to see the amazing things you can do there.