3 Reasons To Learn UX Design

User experience (UX) design is fast changing the digital experiences for users in 2018. This process enhances customer satisfaction by making the sites user-friendly, accessible and efficient. As a graphic designer, learning UX design can open great doors of opportunity in your career.

UX Design

Here are 3 great reasons to learn UX design.

  1. You, Will, Step Up Your Career

The job market is ever changing. Technology and the need for new solutions are the key determinants of how the future workplace will look like. Today, the need for UX designers has rapidly increased and the global job market is still growing. Learning UX design skills will help you keep pace with the current job market and can also help you boost your career by getting a better opportunity in a multinational company.

Since UX design is a creative field, success comes from one’s ability to develop features that solve problems and critical understanding of the users. Building your career in this field will put you at a cutting edge in design and you will have a competitive advantage over the other designers when you walk in for that interview.

  1. You, Will, Create Better Designs

Learning the principles of UX design will help you transform your end products into beautiful and functional designs. Compared to a graphic designer whose main objective is to create visual appeal, as a UX designer, you will create outcomes. For example, a mobile app can have great aesthetics but the usability can be terrible. On the other hand, an app can work very well, but the graphics are very poor.

By learning UX design principles, you will be able to create designs that not only look good but also solve issues effectively. Remember, first impressions are important and attractive things sell better. UX design will help you strike the balance between pixel perfect and user-friendly interface designs.  

  1. Get To Know Your Customers Better

Now more than ever, companies are looking for ways to effectively translate user needs into the best possible solutions that solve their customer problems. Learning UX designs will help you enhance customer satisfaction.

Learning UX design principles will help you understand the ‘why’ in customer needs. As a UX designer, you will spend more time speaking to the users, researching about their personas and goals and finding out what their preferences are. This direct involvement will ultimately lead to better designs that are much more powerful as compared to graphic designs.

Some of the benefits you or your company will get from the improved user experience include; boosted revenue due to the increase in customer loyalty and the emotional attachment to your products.  

Development waste and the risk of building into the wrong products will also reduce significantly because user research will help you design products that your users will find usable and valuable. Remember satisfied are loyal and will not move to your competitors.


There you have it. 3 important reasons to learn UX design. Want to know how to learn ux design today? Check out careerfoundry.com for a free intro in UX design.  

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