3 Benefits to investing in Windows Server 2016

In today’s post-modern digital era, we have already come a long way from using vacuum tubes and mechanical gears as computers. Nowadays, the power of a modern smartphone exceeds that of the 1970 satellites by a million times.

A server is a computer that provides another computer or a group of computers with services and functionalities that are needed for them to operate and perform tasks. These servers could either host applications, communications, databases, computing, media, e-mail, games, files, or a combination of several functions.

In running a server, one must be knowledgeable in the field of computer engineering, information systems, information technology, or other related fields. One must also take into consideration the hardware and software requirements of a server according to need. As the number of clients needed to be served increases, the hardware and software capabilities must increase as well.

In today’s realm of superpowered digital machines, the hardware is no longer a problem as long as the financial resources allow it. It is no longer uncommon to build a parallel computing server composed of multi-core processors, hyper-fast RAM, and an array of solid-state drives.

On the software side, a lot of developers exist that specifically focus themselves on developing software for server computers. Examples of these are Microsoft Corporation, Linux, Apple Computing, and Apache. Each has its pros and cons, but this article will discuss more on the three benefits to investing in Windows Server 2016.

  1. Security is enhanced all the more.

For any data center or server infrastructure, having a reliable and trustworthy security layer is needed to prevent data leaks and breaches. Whether your server is hosting harmless documents or keeping a company’s most-guarded secrets, any lax in security is unacceptable.

Microsoft ensures that it has the complete security package to thwart any cyber threats, using Shielded VM technology, BitLocker encryption, Credential Guard, Remote Credential Guard, and Control Flow Guard. It also makes use of an advanced system auditing algorithm that automatically flags malicious behavior. Another good thing is its ability to sandbox applications, isolating them from the rest of the system using Hyper-V.

  1. User-friendly interface at its finest

The GUI of the operating system is furnished to be as simple and non-technical as possible, while still allowing full control of system variables. Setting up a virtual private network (VPN) is as streamlined as possible. Microsoft automatically installs needed modules without requiring additional inputs from the user.

  1. Resilient computing is better than ever.

The reason why we make use of computers is to make our jobs easier and faster. With Windows Server 2016, resiliency is better than ever. From upgrading your server to migrating to another data center, the software can automatically carry the workload for you. Using PowerShell and Desired State Configuration, you can also automate your server management process, and even control it remotely using Server Manager or Management Console.

To appreciate this state-of-the-art server experience, it might be time to invest and buy Windows Server 2016 now. It’s a decision you will never regret.