10 Best Reasons why Google got Importance.

Here the 10 reasons why Google got importance in our daily life. We know Google is the leading net Browser which offers different uses for its users. Here we take the pleasure to represent why Google got importance.



Getting information from Google has become increased recent days with the advancement of the Technology.We get information like Technology,celebrities,countries etc from the Google.The Google Map news provides that information to the users.


This is really a wonderful product from Google.With this product, people may able to know the meaning of the words.Another advantage of this is we’ll able to get the correct pronunciation of a word.


This is a product from Google which gives information regarding places in the entire world.Google Maps gives you the complete information about the places in kilometers and shows you the nearby places to.It shows how much time it takes in 2 wheelers or 4 wheelers etc.


It is a software-based on Linux Operating system.Many Mobile Leading companies run this operating system.Presently it is running Android 4.4.4 Kitkat version.


This is still the Best product from Google.It was Launched in the year 2004.Through this, we can send emails, confidential letters.But it has a storage capacity of 2 GB.


This Youtube gives us the video information of any thing in the world.It has been launched in 2004.It helps all the categories of the people.It gives Class Lectures, any news from celebrities, etc.Currently Alexa Rank is 3.

7.How to:

If there are any Hurdles in any thing that you don’t know then Google be your best friend in chasing them.It gives you a complete clarification of your question.In this way, it helps you.


This product is best used by the youngsters for making money while they were studying without depending upon their parents.And the most important is this is a free platform but not a commercial like WordPress etc.It is available in almost 20 languages.


We’ll make a research on how our favourite star heroes will be and How they will be out side a station and if there are any assignments need to be submitted then in this case this tool becomes important by just typing your query in search box then the appropriate result appears on the home page.


Recipes are most important in our life than any other.If you are willing to cook your food for the first time and you don’t know how to cook it then Google is here to help you.It guide you completely how to make a nice stuff.

Here above mentioned are 10 reasons why Google got the importance,If there are any changes regarding this,please judge us,,,Thank you!!!

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